Friday, April 20, 2007


I was going to write about desperate times, etc. and the Catholic advice we'd received regarding selling our home. My MIL and SIL, as well as a friend, suggested we get a statue of St. Joseph and bury him in our yard to aid the sale of our home.

We put the sign in our yard in February, the house went on the market officially March 1 but I just bought the statue Wednesday evening. We prayed to St. Joseph for a little extra help that night and I spoke with him many times yesterday. By 5pm last night, we had an offer on the house! Even with a counter-offer from us and another from their side--we were all happy and had a signed contract by 7pm!

I'm certain that the prayers helped more than the actual resin statue in my garden but either way, if you are selling your home, you might want to contact the Patron Saint of Real Estate along with a realtor!

(We met the buyers today--they were already having their inspection done--and they've been eyeing our house online for weeks! I kept telling my husband God had a plan and we just had to be patient--but the patience part has been getting tough. Looks like maybe there was a plan involved! This couple was fairly sure ours was the house they wanted before they saw it in person and they are very excited about it now!)


jocelynka said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure that is a huge relief for you all.

Laurie said...

Go St. Joseph! (He's a favorite of mine.)

Nancy said...

Lory, Your grandma would approve. She had plastic statues through out her house for various prayer reasons. I am so glad things are working out for you. We love you. N