Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fighting with the book

My fingers are cold and dry.  This should help provide excellent inspiration for writing tonight--the part I'm working on takes place in Alaska.

I'm procrastinating again.  No matter how many chapters I have saved on various computers, in notebooks, on napkins...I have to rewrite them.  I may have mentioned this before.  The story hasn't been working because it has to come from the daughter.  That's OK.  I didn't want it to be her story, initially but I think that'll work best.

Except for all of the rewriting.  I'm lazy.  Of course, if I had a hot cup of coffee on the desk, rather than a glass of red wine, that'd probably help.  A little. ;)


Rene said...

Fight the good fight!

LoryKC said...

I've actually made some progress today. Turns out, coffee does help. Go figure. ;)

jocelyn said...

So, are you writing this from your daughter's prospective? I was a little confused.

LoryKC said...

Not my daughter's. One in the book.
Though after I started writing her version today I liked it but I'm not sure it's the same story.
This is one I keep working on, then setting aside when I get a new idea, and going back to. Maybe it is a sign and I'm not ready to write this one, yet.

Or maybe I just need to get off my ass.