Friday, March 13, 2009

Strike out

I am the MAN.

No one will be giving me a high-five here. The kids went on strike yesterday. They made their signs and paraded around the living room to protest against the man, er, "mom."

They clearly thought that I would be distraught by this drastic action. They were a bit disappointed when, rather than caving to their demands (they did not actually have any), I took out the camera.

Film at eleven.


jocelyn said...

How funny. What were they on strike about? I can't wait to see the pics :)

aaron said...

That's awesome. Yes, please post pics.

LoryKC said...

I tried. I took one video with my digital camera but Blogger doesn't like it.
I ran out of memory after that video.
Grabbed the video camera and took another video but the Mac doesn't like it. I was able to see it on the laptop but that won't let me post it to Blogger, either.
It is Friday the 13th.
I give.
I'll try again tomorrow.

Justin said...

My first concern is your a MAN, because I've never really thought of you as a BIL. Also, you could post the "film" to facebook. Facebook accepts all video. :)

LoryKC said...

(And it only took me 3 weeks!) I'll never make it in the world of broadcast news.