Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sagas: Twilight and facebook

The Twilight books are certainly YA but many moms like myself have been sucked in. Is it just the love story?  Maybe.  The fact that there is something familiar?  Sure--she has referenced and followed some classics with each one.

I had been reading some non-fiction and some bad fiction, so I think Ms. Meyers' books were mostly a welcome change.  There is something there, though.  I looked at the first book and told my daughter to go ahead and start reading.  I hoped I'd catch up--and make sure it was OK--but I knew that at the rate I've been reading, it'd take a month for me to finish that BIG book.
Instead, I finished all four books in less than three weeks.  It has been a long time since I simply COULD NOT put a book down.  And I've been looking for another "good" book to read since, but haven't been able to get another fix.

Part of my fascination lay with her characters.  In my comments about her first book, I mentioned that Edward reminded me of someone and I was curious.  As it turns out, I've lost touch with an Edward** and at least one Jacob* and I wanted to see what happened with Bella's.

(I had no idea until recently that a few of those people I lost are hanging out on facebook!  They have not all become my "friends" but that is an entirely separate distraction.)

In the meantime, somebody post the title of a book that I should be reading!
*Different names, of course.
** I have never--knowingly--dated a vampire


Rene said...

I'm sorry, I barely made it through the first. I don't understand the fascination with Edward.

I just finished "Bone Crossed" by Patricia Briggs is my favorite urban fantasy writer. She writes about werewolves, vampires and Fae. And they take place in Washington. You should try her, There are four books in the series. They are not YA and they are not romance although there is a strong romantic theme in them.

LoryKC said...

I'm looking her up, now! Thank you!!

Edward** said...

Knowingly is the key isn't it!

LoryKC said...


LoryKC said...

There are a few people on facebook who don't seem to have aged much. Hmmmmm....

Edward** said...

Hmmm...I've noticed this as well.