Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Immortality or longer life?

So if you only have so many free hours in the day--and you really want to sleep during some of those nighttime hours--do you place writing over exercising (if you are published, your name could live on forever) or do you get on the treadmill first (if you live longer, you have more time to be published)?

(Or do you spend them mindlessly blogging?)


Tracy said...

I officially put in my request years ago for a 26 hour day so that I could commit those two additional hours to writing... no response.

Ideally, I find that the exercise acutally improves my state of mind so that the time spent writing is more productive, better focused, etc.

Practically speaking, however, I find that I continue to procrastinate both the writing and the excercise more often than is healthy. That free time can so easily be sucked away by "needy" spots around the house... or mindless blogging... blog surfing... etc.

I say jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then throw that little rush of adrenaline over into your novel.

In my ideal world, of course, it's just that easy ;-)

jocelyn said...

Well let's know me and excersize, so I say write :) However, I know you like exercise more than I do, so, how about you write and exercise at the same time :) That won't work well would it? Maybe you can think and record your ideas while on the treadmill. Or, can you set up a schedule (Write on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Exercise on Tuesday, Thursday, and when you can on the weekend). Good luck.

jocelyn said...

sorry about the typos above. I should not leave comments while the boys are talking to me at the same time. I'm surprised I didn't type what I was saying to them!

LoryKC said...

Could not have been any worse than what I was saying--yelling--here!

You are absolutely right and I finally got back on the treadmill today! (not a big deal except I think it was the first time in March. Actually, I know it was the first time in March...trying to remember if I made it in Feb!) Yikes!
(the baby took 2 naps again today. That used to be his norm but he hasn't done it in a week so I was very, very scared!)

Rene said...

I put everything before exercising. I hate exercising. However, I am a better writer if I am exercising. In fact the WIP I just started emerged while I was on the elliptical trainer last week.

LoryKC said...

I get some great ideas out there--I just need to remind myself of that a little more often! It does take care of any writers' block...just doesn't give me any more time to type it all out!
Maybe if I write it on my to-do list--then I can check it off!

Justin said...

How about excersing on the treadmill speaking aloud your writing and then "accidentally" send the tape in with T's to the transcription service?

LoryKC said...

It's worth a try. If I don't fall off. I'm easily distracted.