Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chompin' at the bit

I signed on to Nano again. With no clear idea of what I would be writing about. Again.
Then, I got a shower!
In the shower, I got an idea for a novel!
I wrote a note about the main idea, almost got to dinner and saw the whole thing. This one will work! (I love the current WIP but I've been having a "relationship" with it for 8 or 9 years. It's not it it, it's me.) The new idea is great! BUT. I can't cheat. I can't write the first word now, if I want to count it as my Nano novel. Right? Right. Right?


Jen M. said...

I've been outlining and planning using the method on this site

to keep myself out of starting illegally...

You can resist!

LoryKC said...

Thanks, Jen! What a useful site--thank you!

LoryKC said...

Still stewing, right now but this will help.
This is going to the first year I will be starting Nano with a clear idea, alread in mind! :)

jocelyn said...

That's great that you have a clear idea :) Keep the idea, especially since you can see the whole thing! I can't wait to read it!!!! Any of it :)