Saturday, October 02, 2010

Deadlines and such

I am still around, just not updating the blog as I should. I am coming down to the wire on the Final Draft.
Ran into some issues at the end of the summer, so I did not get the pretty draft done in August, nor did I post any of it here, as I had intended. I wanted to have a cohesive draft done then, so I would have time to polish the whole thing in time for a conference in October.
I registered for the conference to give myself an absolute deadline. (Sad, at this age, that I still need a deadline to really put anything together). Sad or not, the conference is now 3 weeks away and my draft still looks like a bloody puzzle. It's chopped up, marked up, scratched out and out of order. But I have 3 weeks.


jocelyn said...

You can do it :) Think of it as a deadline in 2 weeks, that way you will be done in 3 :) I can't wait to read it!

Tracy said...

Three weeks is three weeks! You can do it!