Wednesday, October 27, 2010


No nap on Monday, no nap on Tuesday. It was starting to look like my youngest was ready to give up his naps! He will be three on Monday--the same day Nano begins. Which is why he cannot give up his naps, just yet! ;)

He argued about it today. (This is the child who has never given us any trouble about going to bed or taking naps). I know the end is near but I really need him to keep napping, for at least another month!

I had to wake him up, this morning to get him and his siblings to their dental appointments by 8am. After HIS first visit to the dentist (he has been dying to get behind that magic door!), I dropped his siblings off at their respective schools and took him to his Time Out program. He played with kids and had a snack while I went back to the elementary school for library time. When I picked him up, he had a few treats he'd been given for Halloween. He had a little sugar in the car and a little more with lunch. That was probably not the right menu for someone getting ready to go to bed!

He is finally asleep! I played fetch with the dog and now she is asleep. I have an hour until I have to leave to get the older kids. I can finish the dishes or fold clothes or take a shower or write or read. But I am daydreaming about taking a nap.


jocelyn said...

And with your last post, I hoped your Wednesday was better. Doesn't look like it was. I'm afraid to wish you luck on Thursday. I might be jinxing you or something :)

LoryKC said...

I'll never make it as a writer. Word choices aren't working. He DID take a nap! (I did not get one but I don't really expect to ever get one, again. Ever.) So life is actually good.
The little one TOOK.A.NAP. Life is GOOD!