Monday, November 08, 2010

Back from the dead

I started to have second thoughts about how "cool" my visit from my ghostly friend was. This weekend, we were hit by a nasty stomach bug. I started to think this might be the end and maybe she was coming to help me to the other side! ;)

My youngest had it Thursday and was fine by this weekend but the rest of the family was hit hard. We seem to be on the mend now so at least it was fairly short-lived but I am far, far behind on my word count!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here's to a healthy, productive week!


aaron said...

Last night, Kathy had a bout of something just like this -- she's home in bed, feeling a little better, but no idea if she's through it. Meanwhile, I can't wait for it to hit the girls and me, say around Thursday, when we're supposed to go in for the 9-month and 4-year-old appointments (and I won't be able to enjoy a bit of the Veterans Day holiday). Knowing it's coming does not a pleasant Monday make. Glad you and your family are on the other side of this experience.

LoryKC said...

Hopefully it will pass you by! If it is like ours, at least it passes fairly quickly! Good luck--and a belated happy birthday to your FOUR year old!!!

jocelyn said...

I'm glad you all are starting to feel better, sorry it hit everyone.