Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social consciousness

You just never know what your kids are gonna say!

The boys are watching Lilo and Stitch. (I only gave them the choice of that or Finding Nemo. The little one is tired, cranky...no way he was sitting through iCarly!)

Even the dog is cranky. It's cold and wet outside. We needed some tropical fish!

My son has a religion quiz, this week. So I prefaced my preference with, "We are Catholic and of course, Catholics believe that when you die, your soul doesn't come back again. But IF the Hindus end up being right, I hope I come back as a fish."

My son's response? "MOM! How can you say that?! You could be reborn in the GULF!"

(He still curses BP every time we pass one of their gas stations.)

I love this kid!


Jen M. said...

Love this! Kids make gloomy, rainy days better!

LoryKC said...

They DO! :)

jocelyn said...

Interesting take on reincarnation, but he's right. There are much better places to be a fish I would imagine. Good job C! :) I hope your day is going better today.