Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday's whine

I saw it coming, last week but was really hoping I was wrong.

The three-year-old has been three years old for three days. Hasn't napped in two. He is growing up, ready to give up naptime--but I'm not! (Especially not during the month of November/Nano!)

Stay tuned for Thursday's post:
Hair out
Red, bald
Distracts people from
All the


jocelyn said...

Hmmm...good luck. No naps are hard! Ryan gave up his a long time ago too (probably around 3). He can still have some "quiet time", or Mommy sanity time :) Or you can just bring him over here every afternoon, I'm sure you can get writing done that way, right? :)

LoryKC said...

Actually, I can't really complain. He plays really well alone (if you call being surrounded by at least 100 Hot Wheels cars, construction vehicles, a train set and a three-story parking garage "alone")! So can still get quiet time--just not in such a big chunk!

Natalie never napped for more than 30 minutes at a time; Christian used to take THREE HOUR naps but gave them up around age 3, too so this is not a shock. Just, sad. I don't have a paying job but I use naptime as a "lunch break" some days. I guess I'll have to start behaving like a responsible parent and eat lunch WITH the kid, now. (And write here and there and everywhere in between!)