Thursday, June 30, 2005

For your reading pleasure

For any parent or parent-to-be, I highly recommend Brain, Child! The subtitle is "The magazine for thinking mothers" but most of the articles speak to fathers as well. I found the site online, mentioned it to my wonderful husband before Mother's Day and received a subscription as a Mother's Day gift this year! (Thank you, Sweetheart!)
The only drawback to this magazine is that it is only published four times a year. (If you do not have much “free time” to sit down and read a whole magazine though, this is a perfect fit!)
I used to love my subscription to The New Yorker magazine. I let that subscription lapse a couple of years ago and I have missed the quality writing I found there. It was a bit expensive and while I loved getting a new issue every week or so, I rarely finished reading an entire issue. Brain, Child matches the level of writing found in The New Yorker, every article speaks to me and I have the time to read each issue from cover to cover!

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