Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Special Breed

It takes a certain type of patriot to join the US military. It is a volunteer military. (That is not to say that they aren’t paid, though it’s arguable that they are not paid enough). It means that they were not conscripted into service. They chose to defend their country, in a variety of ways.
Whether they are in an infantry division, driving a tank, fixing the wheels on the jeeps, medical personnel caring for the troops or musicians improving morale, these men an women have agreed to travel wherever their commanders send them and do their best to complete their mission.
Personally, I do not always agree with the missions that our military embarks on but our soldiers have no vote. They have agreed to be sent where they are needed and do what must be done. (In fairness, though I often disagree with the actions of our government and our commander in chief, these officials have access to information that I do not have and do not consult with me on a daily basis. Whether or not they are completely successful, their ultimate goal is to protect and defend our nation. If they get the job done, they probably don’t worry so much about whether or not I approve of their methods).
These people are our fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, husbands and wives, daughters and sons. Whether or not they should be where they are today is not the point. The world could be a very different place tomorrow and they could be in a very different part of the world.
They are willing to go. They fight for our freedoms every day. They deserve our thanks.

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