Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On My Way

Maybe I'm finally learning! I did manage to get to bed a bit earlier last night and lo and behold, a little more sleep ensued!
I'm headed there in a bit tonight to see if I can get a few good hours before we head out for Florida tomorrow! (The kids were a bit keyed up tonight too and couldn't settle down to sleep but now that they're finally "out", I should follow suit).
I don't know why I make the "night before" so stressful. I think of everything I haven't gotten done in the last two weeks and try to get it all done the night before a trip! Maybe I'm getting a little wiser as I get older...or maybe just lazier; rather than stay up too late now however, anything that has waited a week or two can wait one more!
(I'll try to post something more substantial once we arrive)!
Sweet Dreams!

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