Monday, August 01, 2005

Almost there!

OK! So I am lazy. I spread the bathroom project out over three weekends! (Sure, I’m home everyday but it’s hard to get too much progress made when you’re home alone with two kids—go figure!)

All of the wallpaper is scraped off, the walls are painted (darker than I thought but we can work with it) and new towel racks, pictures, will soon be hanging! It is a tiny bathroom so the work was nothing compared to the manual labor many other people do everyday; with a hubbie out-of-town all last week however and two kids home all day, I was too tired to write more than two words!

Only the finishing touches remain! Maybe I’ll go get a bottle of champagne! (OK—maybe it is not THAT big of a deal but it's a tempting idea anyway!)

Hopefully I’ll get some writing done now!

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