Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It’s wabbit season!

Be vewy, vewy quiet! I’m huntin’ wabbits!
No, I’m not. I am a fellow vegetarian who owns no weapons. (This is largely because I’d probably be just as inept with a rifle as Elmer Fudd). Though yesterday I sounded more like Yosemite Sam.
“Oooooh, I’m gonna git that varmint!”
These creatures are not official pets. It was cute when there was a bunny or two and SO cute when we found the two little baby bunnies! It’s been like our own Disney movie with little Kansas creatures feeling at home in our yard. (I do not sit amongst them, befriending them like Snow White, but I really relate to the little white one who was always very late for a very important date!)
As I mentioned however, these are not official pets. I feel like I have enough to do in life without cleaning up after wildlife! (Cleaning the moose nuggets out of our yard in Alaska so the kids could play was quite enough, thank you very much!) Now, Flopsy, Mopsy, Peter and the whole gang are leaving little rabbit raisins all over our yard! (By little, I mean little heaps!) If it is true that an animal will not, well—you know, where they eat, then they must not mind eating only an inch away!
The over-100° temps scorched my yard anyway but we have empty patches now where the raisins have really helped to burn away any grass that they didn’t eat!
Then again, it is possible that life is too short to spend it going after the cute little guys. Though their relatives across the pond did some damage to Mr. McGregor’s garden, these little fur balls have left our flowers alone. Much of our garden just houses them, with the exception of a plant that Natalie brought home from school. We put that out in the backyard when it was too big for the kitchen and one of those mischievous rabbits took care of that bean plant faster than you can say “hop, skip and jump!”

Maybe we’ll put out some carrots and sacrifice the yard. I recall important life lessons learned early in my childhood: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” After all, “that wascally wabbit always wins!”


Rene said...

We have a ton of rabbits in our neighborhood too. They really mess up the yard. We have raccoons as well and they are even worse. What kills me is we have coyotes and bobcats too. So why do I have a bunny problem?

LoryKC said...


And you're sure your kids aren't leaving bologna for the predators? They haven't named them, have they? = )

LoryKC said...

I guess they've all just learned to get along!