Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My son ate a vegetable

He ate a carrot!

Yes, Christian. No, I’m not making a big deal because I’m such a Bugs Bunny fan. It's not even because I am a vegetarian. Christian ate a carrot today.

He has not done that since they came already pre-mashed by Gerber.

Granted, the only reason he ate said carrot was because his preschool teacher told him he’d have to eat either the watermelon or carrot that came with his lunch or he would not get his cookie. He saw other children eating cookies and took a big, crunchy bite!

I know I had lots of guilt about putting him into a preschool with a longer day than the others—but the peer pressure method of trying new foods is SO working!!! Yay!
(Well, OK, he ate the veggie because the peers were already on to dessert but it’s working!)

He does not run screaming from veggies here at home but simply refuses to eat one if it isn’t buttered corn! (Doesn’t matter what dessert I offer here. He just says he’s full.)

Oh, yes. I am the mother that was counting down the days until school started so I would spend my “free” time writing and then blogging about how much progress I’d made each day, rather than just reporting on what my children had been up to! So, in case you’re wondering: after I did a little bloghopping this morning (while waiting for the painter to return but that’s a whole other story….I did finally get the rest of the lawn mowed).

There. Progress.

The kiddos are catching on to our new routine much faster than Mom.

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