Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The way the cookie crumbles

The preschool we are/were/might be sending C to has a new director and a new set of issues--at least for me. So...spent time today getting him back on wait lists at other preschools where I'd given up previously reserved spots. Such fun.

I was frustrated at first as I'd already made grand plans for my impending "free time." (C came along before N started school, so someone has been home with me all the time for the last 7 years). So I was itinially giddy with all of the possibilities, then upset that things were not going as planned and now I have moved on to acceptance.

C is four and a half and he'll be fourteen in no time. If I don't get him out of the house for a few hours a week this fall, so what? If he doesn't get out and learn how to share with ten other kids at once, he and I can still do plenty of sharing here together.

I'm seeing the pattern now---when Dh is home for a few days in a row, parenting doesn't seem so much like trying to have a snack underwater.
(Or maybe that is just because he took on my anger at the preschool so I don't have to hold onto it as much anymore...)

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