Sunday, August 07, 2005

I should not judge

All of this time, I have wondered about those misguided, slightly evil people who would put up wallpaper in a home that they then sell. We won’t like all of their wallpaper and what a pain to remove!! Why, why, why would anyone ever put up the pasty stuff?

Now I know! SO much easier than trying to get my painting even! Why, why, why didn’t anyone correct me? OK—this is just a wallpaper BORDER but it’s going so smoothly! I’ve spent a month working on this tiny bathroom and I have made so much progress in the last hour, I can’t believe I didn’t do this before!

We have tried the borders that you just stick to the walls (like contact paper) several times now and it has been such a horrible experience that again, I wondered why the evil stuff was invented.

Yet I gave it one more try, found a border to match my horrible paint job and THEN discovered it wasn’t already sticky. I have to put it in water and let the glue “activate!” I’ve put it off all week but DH is due home in a few hours and I thought I’d “impress” him by having a new look completed! THIS I can do!!! WHY, why, WHY did you all let me go on and on?

(Mom, I know you always told me I LIKED to do things the hard way but I thought that was just argumentative. Now I know: *choke,* mom was right!!!
Aarrghh! (It even hurts to TYPE that!!) She must be, ahem!, right though! I’ve tried everything else and now…what I thought was the “hard way” is so simple.

My poor kids have no chance.

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