Thursday, August 18, 2005

Making the world a better place

Leave each place a little better than when you found it.

This was the excellent advice I received from another Army spouse many moons ago. At that particular moment, she was referring to her garden and government quarters. Many families had lived in that house before her and many more would follow. She said that the least she could do was to make sure that whoever followed her found a more welcoming place than she herself had found. It was not a negative comment on her quarters. Her important message was that there is always room for improvement.

Over the years I’ve heard the same theme with a few variations. I am lucky to have the chance to move with my husband to various assignments as it is not only an opportunity to experience new places, people and cultures but it is a chance to see if I can contribute something while I’m here.

I have volunteered in various capacities, more in some places and less in others, but I have tried to contribute something. I’m thinking bigger now! This is partly due to the fact that my hubbie is trying to find the right niche to get involved in the community as well. So whether we team up as partners or divide and conquer, we want to give something back to this fantastic community that has welcomed us so much.

I keep getting a more and more involved with school organizations and activities but that is still really helping my kid. (That is part of my job as her mom. It’s time to expand my efforts!)
So as my children venture out into the school year, I’m going to venture out to make my little part of the world a little better than the way I found it. Now that I’ve announced it—I just have to go out and do it! Y’all can help—hold me to it!

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