Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Black eyed peas

These "peas"... Posted by Picasa

...not these! Posted by Picasa

Enjoying black-eyed peas on New Year's Day is a Southern tradition. The idea is that if you eat them on January 1st, you will be prosperous during the year.
No one else in my family was interested in eating them last year so I found a new recipe. They were kind enough to appear interested this time but never got around to actually trying them. If it brings me luck or a buck, of course I will share!

In truth, I guess none of us are southerners anyway!
I was born in south Florida and grew up in north Florida but no one else considers any part of that state "the South." (The fact that it is south of much of the rest of the country makes no difference!) Most of the state is comprised of transplants from somewhere else! My mom is originally from Michigan and my Dad is from Maryland.
My husband was born in Texas though both of his parents were born and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved all over the world as a kid while his Dad was in the Army.
Both of my children were born in Washington state so that's not even close!

Still, when it comes to customs: you don't have to be a native of the area where the tradition originated to still practice it, right?
Do you follow any particular rituals at the beginning of a new year?

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