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Just as I was wondering how one is actually tagged in this game…I find I’m one of five people who are now “it!” So as I join the game, I get to tag a few more people…

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What were you doing ten years ago?
I had been living in Washington state for six months. I had a job (that I hated) in Seattle (which I loved). By this time, I had a few friends that I worked with but no real good friends in my new home just yet. My hubbie and I were renting a townhouse in Tacoma and shared it with our dog, who we had allowed to become the real head of the household!
The hubbie and I were doing OK at this point. I had moved to Washington state with him the previous summer, despite telling him and myself that I would not.
Later in the year, the hubbie would go to Korea for a year and things would improve even more! (I know that sounds terribly sarcastic but we actually communicated better with the entire Pacific Ocean between us!)
So for the second half of the year…I was still married but living alone for a year. I quit the job that I hated and worked for a temp agency. (That gave me the freedom to visit hubbie in Korea twice). I finally made some really good friends in Washington state and began to call it home.
While I still answered “Catholic” when asked my religion, I was not attending church very regularly.

What were you doing one year ago?
I’d been living in Kansas for six months and while we’d lost our dog long ago, we were now a family of four.
I still had not completed the novel but I had two great kids keeping me busy and at this point, I was watching another little boy in our home every Monday. At this time in January, I was also preparing to visit my husband for the “spouses weekend” at Notre Dame University. Having completed all of his medical training he was now embarking on a new course…the MBA. He’d been up there for almost a week but the weekend entailed some “classes” for the spouses to prepare us for the next 15 months of our lives. (Having not only worked through the issues from the last entry, but also being with him through college, medical school, residency and the moves that go with Army life…I was pretty sure I knew how to handle him being back in school…again. However, it was still a break from the kids while I met some new, friendly people and learned how to “spot signs of stress in my spouse or myself.” ) The campus is quite beautiful.
I was attending mass twice a week and involved in an all-faith bible study twice a month.

Five snacks you enjoy.

1. Popcorn (yes, with real butter)

2. Cheetos

3. Chips and dip (just about any type of chip or dip!)

4. Anything that has cheese in it, has cheese on top of it or something I can dip into cheese

5. Nuts

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics.(All the correct lyrics? Do I have to be able to sing them without the music?!?)

1. I'm Henry the VIII I Am (Herman’s Hermits)

2. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? (Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick, Jr)

3. Blue Skies (Irving Berlin’s) (at least I know the words the way Ella sings ‘em!)

4. Most songs sung by the Beatles

5. Hark the Herald Angels Sing (and maybe another Christmas carol or two…)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.

1. Buy my parents a new house

2. Buy my parents a new car

3. Give each of my siblings a little bit

4. Sponsor children and support more charities

5. If there was anything left, buy a house on the beach.

Five bad habits.

1. Yell at my kids.

2. Blame my husband when I can’t find something, then go back and apologize when I find it (right where I left it). If I could just keep my mouth shut, it’d save us both a lot of aggravation !

3. Remind my husband when he comes up with a “great idea” that I suggested months ago. (He forgets and then thinks it’s new). Again, if I could keep my mouth shut, I could probably get anything I want! ; )

4. Drink too often. (Not necessarily too much but too often. I’m already working on this one in 2006)

5. I’m disorganized.

Five things you like doing.

1. Reading

2. Writing

3. Playing the piano

4. Reading to/playing with my kids

5. Hanging out with the hubbie (without the kids)!

Five things you would never wear or buy again.

1. White shoes. I see no reason

2. A bikini (used to love them but now there is no point in wearing something purely to frighten people)

3. short shorts (see above)

Otherwise, never say never!!

Five favourite toys.

1. The computer

2. Hubbie’s Ipod

3. Piano

4. My kids (OK—they aren’t actually toys but they’re usually much more amusing!)

5. Five? I don't have enough toys! (Though there are more than enough in this house to go around!!)

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