Thursday, January 26, 2006

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

15 years ago, I did not own a car. I walked, rode the streetcar or got a ride from my boyfriend. During the week, I’d get off the streetcar to get a few things at the K&B drugstore by my apartment, and walk home carrying my purchases. I was careful not to hold the purple bag too close to my body as the purple ink would rub off on my clothes.
On the weekends, I’d walk to the Superstore. The prices were much better than the drugstore but the streetcar did not run there. I was careful to only buy what would fit in those little baskets with the handles as I knew if I bought any more, I could not carry it all the way home. (I did not always have cash for a cab but I had my checkbook! I knew I could walk to the grocery store near payday as it’d take a day or two for the check to clear.)

14 years ago, I was driving a brand-new car. It was safe and reliable. My baby was not the dark black car I’d wanted but she was charcoal gray and that was close. The only complaint my boyfriend could find with it (other than how I got “taken” on the financing) was that there was no mirror on the passenger side of the car.
Having my own car gave me so much independence! However, there is a price for freedom. (Namely, car payments and car insurance payments.) I went from wondering if I'd have to work late each night to hoping that I would! (I needed the overtime).

Monday, I backed out of our garage quickly (it was another race to get to my daughter to school on time) and smacked the driver’s side mirror on the side of the garage. The mirror did not break but the mounting was cracked and I could no longer move the mirror.

Yesterday, I drove two hours to the nearest Volvo dealership so that they could professionally install a new mirror on our leased vehicle. It cost $*!%^&*##!* (or roughly the equivalent of one month's car payment and insurance payment for my first car) plus a tank of gas for the trip there and back.

Today I realize that I have been very blessed and am lucky to be living this life. Rather than shaking my head over going to get a new side-view mirror I need to be thankful that I was able to. Now I need to remember to slow down and walk more.

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