Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

First, I do not sit down at my desk to put into verse something that is already clear in my mind. If it were clear in my mind, I should have no incentive or need to write about it. We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.
~ Robert Cecil Day-Lewis

I’ve gotten excited about this WIP. I even completed an outline a few months ago, which is something I’ve never accomplished before. Previously, I would write a chapter or two and move on to another idea.
I am not sticking to the outline but it’s a good guide when I’m stuck. One character that I had intended to exist for a few paragraphs, possibly a page or two has taken over the thing. Another irritating yet compelling character has appeared out of nowhere. I never meant to put her in there and I don’t know what to do with her yet but every time I do open the file, she’s up to something.
I have not worked on the file in over a week. Of course, we traveled out-of-town for a few days so I was busy packing/stressing beforehand and I’m still unpacking and washing laundry afterwards but I’m sure I could have found time to write a page or two. I’ve found time to complete three crosswords so I’m sure I could have managed it.
Which brings me to the quote at the top of this post. I came across it today, glaring at me from the bottom of page 9 of the latest Writer’s Digest. It occurred to me that perhaps I’m not stalling because I don’t know what to write next but rather that I’m a little afraid to see just what this one character will do. She is not nice. I suppose her presence balances things out a little. The other main female character is far too nice.
Continuing to write will help me understand the characters, of course, but perhaps I’m also nervous about what those characters will have to say about me.

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