Sunday, January 08, 2006

I am SO glad she goes to Catholic school!

I was lecturing my son on his behaviour in Mass this morning so of course, my daughter was momentarily left out of the conversation. Determined to both be included and show her brother how much better she'd behaved, she wanted me to know she'd been listening this morning.

N: I know something that Father said in church today.
Me: I'm glad you were listening. What did Father talk about?
N: He talked about the three wise men.
Me: Yes, he did. Good. What did he say about them?
(hmmm....she pauses...)
N: They came to bring gifts to baby Jesus!
(she's proud)
Me: What gifts did they bring?
N: Gold! And frankincense!
(she's very proud)
Me: That's good. You mentioned two gifts but each wise man brought something. What was the third gift?
N:, frankincense and...murder!

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