Friday, January 27, 2006

God Bless Her

She is sleeping peacefully now. My daughter was in quite a mood today after school and after her incessant whining and complaining, my mood was not much better. I finally took a deep breath and reminded myself that this is one nervous kid.

She makes her First Reconciliation tomorrow morning. As I've mentioned, she attends Catholic school so she has been preparing for this with her class for quite a while. However, her class received the sacrament while we were in Florida so while she will be doing this with other second graders at our church, she does not know these children.

(She still goes into the confessional alone but she can't turn to her friends for moral support first!) ; )

While I can't imagine she's done too much that I don't know about, she's ready to go as long as my son and I "can't hear through the door." She was in a bit of a panic at bedtime about whether or not to kneel or stand when she goes in and makes the sign of the cross. Seeing the relief on her face when I simply told her "I'm certain either way will be just fine" she ought to feel GREAT when she unburdens anything else!

Poor thing. She was trying to explain to her piano teacher what she'd be doing on Saturday. Her piano teacher is married to a minister but they aren't Catholic and no matter how many times my daughter said "reconciliation," her teacher had no concept of what she was talking about. I reminded her that N goes to Catholic school and that this was her first confession and if she still didn't get it, she didn't let on this time.

Of course, my daughter thought everyone had to do this. On the car ride home, I tried to use the opportunity to explain some of the differences between Catholicism and Protestant religions. I explained that while she'd be confessing her sins to the priest and receiving absolution (assurance that God has forgiven her) some people of other faiths confess their sins directly to God without any intermediaries. She thinks she'd now like to be either Baptist or Lutheran.

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