Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The other reason I don't bake

While I am able to cook dinners that my family enjoys, I don't bake.
I bring fruit or "no-bake" recipes to bake sales.
My standing reason has been that my desserts/muffins/etc. never turn out right.  They don't look right, and they are either still moist in the middle or resemble a brick.

In accordance with my recent endeavors to sneak veggies into other foods however, I've ventured into baking.  The banana bread (with cauliflower!!) was a success!  (Stay tuned for another post on that one).  So, today I am baking brownies (with spinach--sshhh)!

However, I have cleaned my kitchen floor (in spots) three times.  My other problem, you see, is that I spill.  When I spill sauce while making lasagna, it's easy to spot and easy to clean.
When I spill brown sugar on a brown, hardwood floor however, it's not so easy to spot.  So I clean.  Then I hear the crunch under my feet. I get many wet paper towels and clean again.  Then I spill flour.  (Easier to see but this settles into the spaces between my hardwood floorboards.)  I vacuum.  I use more wet paper towels.  I vacuum.  There!
I put the vacuum away and come back into the kitchen.  



jocelynka said...

I'm proud of you for trying :) I don't bake a whole lot either (for spill reasons as well as I don't have the ingredients I need without shopping for that specific thing a few days before). I'm sure everything turned out tasty and I won't tell the secret. Let me know how the brownies go over :)

LoryKC said...

Well....some success! N does not like the brownies and the hubbie told me he doesn't like any brownies. (Who knew?! Who doesn't like brownies?)

Anyway, C is my child who eats no veggies but corn. But he liked the brownies!! Both he and N asked if they could add a little icing to the top (these are not nearly as sweet as other chocolatey brownies) but with a little colored icing squeezed on top, they still have less sugar than a regular brownie--plus a serving of both spinach and carrots!! :)

jocelynka said...

Good :) I know H said J didn't care for the brownies, I can't remember about the kids reactions. I just may have to try that. I agree, the little bit of icing on top doesn't hurt if they are still getting the veggies inside. Congratulations on your baking attempt :)

Tracy said...

Would you think me horrible if I admitted to just calling the dogs into the kitchen while I cook? They are SO good at following along behind me and cleaning up anything I spill ;-)

LoryKC said...

I would not think you horrible at all ~ I need at least one dog!

(The kids have been asking but now we're waiting for the baby to get a little older).

Once we do get that dog, I can save on dog food--I'm sure one dog could put on a few pounds just by hanging around when I bake/cook!