Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My daughter is not grounded.  She is not being punished (despite what she may think).

She has been invited to a birthday party tomorrow evening.  It is being held at a facility that she has been dying to visit and, according to her, all of the other fourth grade girls are going.

So what is our problem? The party is tomorrow evening.

We have not yet ventured into evening soccer/baseball/football practices so maybe we, as parents, are just not yet in the swing of things.

Having said that, our daughter is not yet in the swing of getting up easily for school each morning.  (Not to mention the fact that she was home from school last Thursday and Friday with a fever and sore throat; she's still got a cough that won't completely go away.)

So we are not allowing her to go to a birthday party on a school night.  The party is being held across town, from 7-8:30pm.

Are we being unreasonable?  What do you think? 
 (You won't change our answer but I'm curious.  Are we the only square parents out there that have raised an eyebrow over a child's birthday party on a Wednesday night?)


LoryKC said...

Clearly, I am still sleep deprived. Wednesday evening would be TONIGHT, not tomorrow night.
She still isn't going...I'm just sorry I don't edit well.

Angela said...

I'm with you. I see the way B is if he is out too late at his various practices. And there is NO WAY his mother or I would take him to a birthday party on a school night? Are you serious? I can just imagine how hyped the kids are when they come home. I think you're just being good parents, not unreasonable at all.

jocelynka said...

I agree with you. I haven't encountered that yet, but I would think I would do the same thing in not letting them go on a school night. If it was 2 hours earlier, no big deal (if homework was done first and everything), but that is late for a school night for a party. I would think they would do it on the weekend or a Friday night.

LoryKC said...

Thank you for the solidarity and for stopping by my blog! I appreciate both!

Yes, I agree--if it were OVER at 7pm, we still would have allowed her to go. But starting at 7? Nope.
She was NOT a happy camper after school--of course, all of the other girls were talking about how excited they were to be going that night and she felt left out. She was pretty mad for a while but seemed to get over it as dinner time approached.

Hubbie did not get home until 6ish. He found the invitation on the counter while N was upstairs and had the gall to say, "Guess we forgot about this. Can't believe she hasn't even mentioned it!"
(He wasn't home for the solid two hours of fallout from this!!)

electric boogaloo said...

If it doesn't work for your family, it doesn't work. I don't have kids in that age bracket, so I have no idea if this is how it's going these days. I don't remember going to evening parties as a kid, but I have a terrible memory.

LoryKC said...

Thanks! (I'm sure your memory is better than mine, these days)! ;)

A Friday or Saturday evening party would be fine but the late bell at school is at 8:05am. We TRY to get them to school by 7:50, which means I start waking them up at 6:30am. (It takes several attempts to actually get them out of bed--I am their version of a snooze bar)--so they need to get to bed on time at night.

I DID learn from another mom yesterday that not EVERY other girl went to the party! ;)
(I mentioned this to my daughter to try to help afterwards but was met with, "well, there were still only THREE of us that didn't get to go.")
It's never enough.