Thursday, January 10, 2008

To the drug manufacturers

Dear Drug Companies, 

Recently, some children's medications were recalled due to the potential for overdose.
While I appreciate the action, perhaps you could save some money--and children--if we just found a way to print the information large enough for bleary-eyed parents to read!

As a maternally-aged mother, trying to read the Tylenol bottle at 0-dark-thirty proved nearly impossible.  (I am only 37 and my eyesight is normally fine but after rising with an infant as well as a sick child, my eyes don't focus quite as well in the wee hours as I'd like).
Luckily I could read the dosage amount (though I already knew that as my daughter had already had one dose earlier).  With the combination of my poor memory and lack of sleep however, I wanted to check to ensure that she could get another dose at 4 hours rather than 6.  While I suspect part of the problem is that I may be contracting her cold as well, it was still excruciating trying to read the tiny print on the side of the bottle.

I know you must include all of the side effects and possible drug interactions but I would not have been able to read those, either.  Can't we include that on the insert but print the dosage information in larger print?

Sleepy in Indy


Tracy said...

I hope you really sent this off! I think somewhere they got it in their heads that important info should be tiny. You're right! Crazy!

LoryKC said...

I haven't but I'm thinking I should!
The hubbie did bring home Kroger's brand of ibuprofen and at least the dosage times were in bold print!

Kacey said...

Why Do they do that?? So small. Or my favorite, "see insert" which is long gone as soon as you've opened the packaging...

LoryKC said...

I think someone is very proud of just how small they can actually get the fonts to print out!
I know lawyers don't want anything left out but in this case, it's ALL fine print.