Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Try again Tuesday

I was going to post a glowing report of how well my Monday went.  I felt like such a successful homemaker as I roasted both butternut squash and sweet potatoes in the oven, had a load of laundry washing, put dishes away and entertained the baby all at the same time!  I felt even better as I pureed the vegetables later (this took a little longer as the baby was not quite as entertained with the loud whirring of the food processor overpowering the dainty sounds of electronic Baby Einstein music coming from his toy).  I got it all done before picking the kids up from school, happy in the knowledge that tonight I was going to hide butternut squash in their mac-n-cheese for dinner.

(I have decided, you see, to hide veggies in meals for all of the family members.  The kids don't eat enough vegetables and while I can't prove that any of the hubbies' more frequent colds or recent aches and pains are caused by a lack of veggies, eating more can't hurt!)

Alas, my efforts proved only moderately successful.  My daughter, who usually asks for at least two helpings of mac-n-cheese, decided last night that she "just didn't like it, for some reason."  (I did not tell her about the extra ingredient and I thought it was hidden pretty well but she knew something was different.)  At least she is the one who will eat veggies willingly and did polish off her green beans.  My son did not finish his portion of mac-n-cheese but I was moderately pleased as he noticed no difference and did eat some of it!  The hubbie just wanted pasta so he and I had spaghetti but I did not have a chance to sneak anything extra into his dinner.  (At least he does put tomatoes and black olives on his pasta.)

Dinner was a bit rushed as the kids had gymnastics until 6pm last night.  Tuesday is the day I let them stay at the after-care program at school.  (I feel they are lucky that they don't need the childcare but they feel deprived as so many of their friends go.  So we compromise and they get to go on Tuesdays--which gives me a few extra hours with just the baby!)  So I have plenty of time to have a full, vegetable-laced dinner waiting for the family when they get home this evening!  

(Feel free to wish me luck.  It's only 10:20am--a lot can happen between now and dinnertime.)


jocelynka said...

I hope your dinner was successful. I can't compare notes with you yet, I ended up not being able to make my Spaghetti & meatballs last night since we were out from 2-5 and they were "starving" (M's word for the moment) so they had something quick. I am going to try them tonight, hubbie will be home later though as he is going to get new tires :)

LoryKC said...

So you did decide to get new tires?

The meatballs went over well here except that the recipe called for 1/2 lb of meat and I ended up using the whole pound (they like BIG meatballs). C did eat one and the hubbie ate two! They still did not get an entire serving of veggies from those meatballs but they got more than they would have otherwise, so it's a start!

LoryKC said...

Ah, well...so much for the stealth veggies. The hubbie did eat two meatballs, so I was feeling good that I snuck a little extra nutrition in.
Until yesterday.

I know you snuck something in those meatballs.
I shrug. Nothing that would hurt you. I smile.
Well, it did. My stomach was bothering me all night.
I sigh. I put 1/2 cup of butternut squash into the entire recipe. You didn't get that much! The problem is in your head.
The problem was nowhere near my head.


jocelynka said...

Oh dear, you at least tried to help him. It could have been something he had for breakfast or lunch..not necessarily dinner :)

Yes, I went to Sears last night and got 2 new tires for the front (the back ones were fine, as they were replaced a year ago..the front ones were the original tires). Hopefully that will help some, but I've decided I will just stay home anytime it snows or we have ice anywhere!