Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quick! Vote!

No--this has nothing to do with primary fever.

Here's my dilemma:
My daughter is getting to be as forgetful as her mother.  The problem is--my memory was FINE when I was NINE!  She is allowed to forget her gym clothes only so many times before she has to sit out--and she loves gym!  She is either down to one more time or no chances left and I just found her gym bag by the back door.  Should I take it to school?

(I'm thinking NO.  Maybe she'll finally learn and it is her responsibility.)

In the same vein, my son was sure he did not need his warm jacket today and just wore a wind breaker but I took the recycling out and it's COLD today!  (After 67 degrees on Monday and about 60 yesterday, we have forgotten it's January!)

SO--should I rescue my kids and take the gym bag and jacket to school?  Let me know but vote now--gym class is in an hour!


jocelynka said...

It's too late I have a feeling, but I my vote is no, don't rescue them. I haven't had to do it for my own kids yet, but I have found from my time in the classroom, it usually only takes the kids 1 or 2 times of forgetting there thing and have to sit out and it kicks in. If you bring it, they will probably expect you to bring it next time as well. That's my vote, but I can be a meanie sometimes.

electric boogaloo said...

I vote yes. It's the nice thing to do. The thing you would do for a person you really like. I'm not a "lesson teacher" though. But I'm sure I'm too late too.

LoryKC said...

Wow--split right down the middle!

I did not go.

I probably should have mentioned that I have bailed N out many times in the past. At her last school, she just had to be in tennis shoes for gym. She wore them most days but sometimes forgot to bring them on All School Mass days when she wore nicer clothes/shoes. I used to charge her a quarter for each trip I had to make back to school but that clearly made no impact.

I brought her gym bag and homework to her this year already, hoping she was old enough that she'd be embarrassed and remember but that did not work, either.

SO--here's hoping that no help whatsoever actually helps her to remember!
THANK YOU for your votes!

EB--thank you for stopping by the blog and for your vote!

LoryKC said...

Oh~I did not forget my son, by the way! The sun came out and I remembered he left his sweatshirt in his locker yesterday. He forgot his "lunch mat" (a towel they use as a placemat for lunch) yesterday as well but his forgetfulness worked to his advantage today as I figured that with a sweatshirt and windbreaker, he'll live!

electric boogaloo said...

wow. placemats for lunch? that's a lot schmancier than my school lunches!

LoryKC said...

Indeed! Though this school has no "cafeteria" so they eat at their desks in the classroom. The lunch towel theoretically keeps C's PB&J off of his desk so his papers won't get stuck!

aaron said...

I'm too late to vote, but I'm wondering, what was N's reaction to you not bailing her out?

Kellie said...

As a seasoned teacher, I am proud of you for not taking N her gym clothes! I encourage parents not to bail their kids out when they forget their homework, reading book, etc. If the kids don't learn to be responsible now, when will they? (I have a forgetful 10 year old so I feel your pain!)

As for the jacket, I may have been tempted as a mom to take the jacket especially because the day was turning out to be cooler than expected. No lack of responsibility there. As the teacher, I often wonder what some parents are thinking when they send their kid to the bus in shorts when it is 37 degrees outside. But I am in Floria. I guess they're thinking it'll be 75 degrees before lunch!

LoryKC said...

At first, she assumed I had no idea! She came home and told me she forgot her gym clothes. When I nodded, I got narrowed, suspicious eyes but she didn't say anything.
(Of course, when I asked her what the outcome was, she admitted that even though N knew she'd used up her 3 chances, her gym teacher did not remember!) So unfortunately, it ended up making no impact but I reminded her that she may not be so lucky next time!

If I had not remembered that he had a sweatshirt at school as well, I would have taken the jacket, but I figured he could layer if he got too cold.
(Though he did take the warm jacket without any protests today!) ;)