Wednesday, August 20, 2008

and round and round we go....

I was thinking that school starting would bring some sense of routine and calm back into our lives. I forgot how much I was looking forward to the end of school in May! Whew! We're back...the baby and I are back volunteering at school and magazine sales have already started, along with volleyball (for the girl) and tennis lessons (for the boy).

We just returned from a family reunion in Michigan this weekend and as I was emailing photos and going through my mental checklist for tomorrow, I checked the forecast/Fay update for Florida.

That was all it took to remind me that I can't complain. Sure, just when I thought dinner was almost ready, I spilled frozen corn all over the floor--and I have a crawling baby that eats ANYTHING in his path--but Fay is literally circling my baby brother's home and headed for my parents. A lot of dirty dishes and some spilled corn just ain't that big of a deal! It was a beautiful day here and I can see the moon tonight. I may not be able to predict how much sleep I'll get each night but living on the edge of the cornfields, I know that tropical storms and hurricanes are not going to make it this far!

I hope you are warm and dry!


jocelynka said...

I know its scary seeing where it is, where it's going, and what she's done so far. I don't miss being there during hurrican season. So far everyone down there is fine (as of last night was supposed to be we'll see).

LoryKC said...

They can swim! ;)
Sounds like it's all going OK...not perfect but could be so much worse!