Friday, August 22, 2008

Not exactly clouds in my coffee

I try not to waste food or drinks in my house, so when my son left an almost full glass of milk on the table after breakfast, I decided to pour that into my coffee cup.   Milk however, should not go "plop!"

(My kids are currently enjoying "Vita Worm" vitamins.  My daughter tried to toss one onto her brother's plate in the morning but missed--it landed in his cup.  She gave him another one and he never knew--nor did I, until I almost had vitamin-enriched coffee!)


Margaret said...

Sounding off a big "eeeeeewwwwww" in Earnest P. Worrel style.

LoryKC said...

I can hear it! (And I did, too!)

Tracy said...

Oh, but it could have been SOOOOO much worse than a vitamin ;-)

LoryKC said...

So true!!! I have to remember to count my blessings! ;)