Monday, August 25, 2008

Sitting in the middle with my thumb in my mouth

Finally, I have an ending for the WIP I've been trying to finish up.  I have most of the major details and many more minor ones typed up in separate files but now I have to put it all back together.  

This part is more overwhelming than coming up with an ending!  I have all the pieces but they're scattered--like the toys and clothes in my son's room.  I have to sort through and decide what to throw out, what to keep and where to place the pieces I'm keeping.  I just to have to figure out where to start!


Tracy said...

An ending!! I continue to struggle with beginnings and revisions of beginnings. I haven't made it to an ending in a long time. Good luck! Looking forward to the day you tell us it's time to order our signed copies!

jocelynka said...

That's great you have an ending! Good luck getting the rest all sorted out, I can't wait to read it!