Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quiet time for mom?

My sister and her family went back home to Florida for a visit and took my daughter with them for a week!  My son spent the night with a friend last night and both the baby and husband are sleeping.

I have my coffee and quiet time at the computer.  Thus I am sitting here, hoping my son slept OK and hoping he behaves today while I dash to Ohio to retrieve my daughter.  Hopefully she'll handle the additional 4-hour drive back home well after her journey.  The baby should sleep most of the way there and back--he does well in the car--but maybe I should go ahead and wake him up.


Margaret said...

You are SO lucky! I've only lost my daughter two times and would love just a 1/2 evening peace!!


LoryKC said...

Sorry I can't give you a hand---it'll come. My daughter is 10 yrs old so your chance is coming! ;)