Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting the idea

Yesterday, my son got dressed for school before coming downstairs but as he took a bite of his breakfast, he whined that his throat hurt.

"It really hurts, Mommy. And I'm not lying this time."

This time.

(Perhaps his worries about Purgatory aren't as sinister as I'd feared.)


Margaret said...

Aww, but he could be right. Strep throat is going around here in GA.

LoryKC said...

He told everyone at school that he had strep throat, but he didn't. This time!

Margaret said...

Peeps are running from me as if I'm carrying the plague over the last two days.

Thing is, I don't have strep - just a sore throat from taking 2 Nuprin on an empty stomach after aggravating my sciatica Wednesday.

Hopefully I learned this time, no medicines ever on empty tummy ever. I better write this 100x as punishment so it sinks in. =O)