Saturday, August 09, 2008

I don't know why

Watch what you ask for--and what you post on your blog.

The baby has not actually eaten any live creatures--at least, not that I am aware of.  He has not actually tried eating a spider--but I have seen him try to catch an ant.  (It was a tiny, fast ant trying to escape a big, clumsy baby--no real danger for either of them).

The day after my last post however, a fly was hitching a ride with us in the car.  Everyone else can shoo him away but the baby is still learning.  My older son kept yelling things like "the fly is on his nose!"  Then he really started shouting--"J is going to eat the fly!"

Luckily, the baby's reflexes are not that fast.  Otherwise the fly could have been in danger.  

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