Monday, February 16, 2009


The weekend is over (thank goodness)!
The water damage is not yet fixed but we're getting there.
(The carpet damage is limited to a fairly small area but it is in the center of the large part of our finished basement. To avoid seams, they want to rip up a large portion of carpet). At least, we're on track there--just don't want the kids spending too much time in the basement--which means we're on to plan B (or C) for my son's birthday party next weekend. (No sleepovers yet)

One science project is complete!

One more getting closer--his volcano is built; we tested 3 different "recipes" yesterday to see which eruption is the biggest. Now he just needs to paint the volcano/prepare his display.

The father/daughter dance was a success--hubby and daughter enjoyed Saturday night.

Made it to the boy scout banquet with side dish on Sunday and addressed a few birthday invites for his upcoming birthday. We're running late but ought to still be able to get a few kids by next Sunday!

Still behind on laundry--as always. That's on the eternal list!

Now I just have to squeeze in a run, shower and writing before the youngest gets up from his nap! (I usually have great ideas when I do not have time to write them down!)

How's your Monday looking?


jocelyn said...

Sounds like you have had a lot going on. Was your water damage from the storm that just came though? I hope your day today was a little smoother. Good luck this week :)

LoryKC said...

No--they think ice was melting under our deck. (Didn't find the damage until the baseboards were already starting to grow mold. We've had it taped off for a couple of weeks, waiting for the ground to thaw. The people that will come tear up my deck are digging a basement across the street so the ground must be defrosting, finally!) ;)

Rug Repair said...

Water damage is always unexpected and wet carpet deserves immediate attention.