Friday, February 06, 2009

A little preoccupied

The book came.  I've been distracted--it's not that complex--not hard to see what is coming next and yet--I can't seem to look away.  I'm halfway through so maybe I'll have more interesting posts soon--unless I pick up the third book!

 As I said previously, I was a little unnerved to see how obsessed people were with these books.  Now I'm right there with them.  I look like a vampire myself--dark circles under my eyes as I know better than to stay up too late reading but I do it, anyway!  

 It has inspired yet another story idea for me, as well.  More on that after I sketch it out better--and get some sleep.  No need to share all of my loopy, sleep-deprived epiphanies just yet!


Anonymous said...

What's interesting is I know T is a big Stephen King fan. Stephen King just wrote recently that the author of the twighlight series...Stephanie..I forget the last name...doesn't have any "writing chops" I believe is how he put it. So, my bet would be not a book for T.

LoryKC said...

T won't read them, anyway. Not yet. No matter how many books I recommend, he won't read them until I finish reading Fr. Hesburgh's book. Could be a while.