Friday, February 27, 2009

Sold out

It is done.
I never made a MySpace page and had no intentions of ever logging onto Facebook. So much for sticking to my guns. I caved.
I am on Facebook.

P.S. - For a certain person who may have used my daughter to suck her mother into the latest technology, I hope you are happy. I still don't know how to find your photos.


aaron said...

I've been there. Believe me, I've been there.

Not only that, I am there now, and hope that you'll be my "friend" as well as my friend.

Anonymous said...

I will chose to remain "anonymous" on this comment, because I'm sure I'm the "certain person". But we are happy you have joined facebook and look, Aaron is on there too, so you can have more friends than just family!

Welcome to Facebook!

Tracy said...

Oh No! I would have warned you to stay far, far away if I had known you were being tempted... ;-)

I suffer from a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love that I've gotten back in touch with family (especially cousins - people I grew up with), but I wish people would just use my email to communicate with me rather than via Facebook where I have to go sign in and... suffer all the distractions of Facebook.

How will I ever finish that novel now ;-0

I'm not one to talk... I think I've got a page on every social network there is... because I am apparently incapable of saying no when someone invites me to a new space. You held out longer than most of us. Enjoy! (But set yourself a timer...)

Take care.

Rene said...

I get a kick out of FaceBook. I've discovered a few long lost souls from my misspent youth there. Kind of fun.