Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary on Fat Tuesday!

To my parents, Happy Anniversary today! 41 years! THAT is something to celebrate!

Of course, many others are celebrating today--just 'cause it's Tuesday!
Here, we had Paczki (pronounced "punch-key") and king cake for breakfast, so we had our own small Fat Tuesday celebration, here!

The kids also had a half-day at school so each one brought a friend home. They pulled cookies out of the pantry for a snack a little while ago but my daughter would not eat the sugar-free cookies that her friend picked out. Though they are sugar-free, her friend kept calling them "fat-free." My daughter replied, "It's Fat Tuesday, NOT Fat-Free-Tuesday!!"


jocelyn said...

That is so funny about the cookies! Who would want to eat fat free stuff of Fat Tuesday? I mean, really!

Rene said...

So are you giving up something for Lent? When I was in college my roommates were Catholic and they always gave up sweets. So of course, in support, I would as much sweets as I could right in fron of them.

LoryKC said...


LOL! What are friends for? ;)
I've given up television again and one more thing that I'm keeping to myself--just in case I'm not successful! ;)