Saturday, February 07, 2009

New genres?

I'm sure it's the sleep deprivation but I still have this new story spinning around in my head. Mine would not include vampires or any other "monsters" but might have an element of fantasy. I've never tried writing one before and it may never make it to paper but it's an idea.

For my writerly readers--have you ever tried writing in more than one genre?


Rene said...

Yep. I've always considered myself a historical writer. One day for fun I tried writing a paranormal romance with vampires and found I enjoyed it. Then I found out vampires were out and one day I started writing what I thought was a fantasy romance written in first person. Turned out to be urban fantasy. I think the biggest change, however, is my switch from third to first person POV.

Anonymous said...

Let your ideas roll!! Why keep them locked up. You might find yourself on a journey you really enjoy!

Tracy said...

Yes -- I got all enthused a while back and started working on a young adult, sci-fi futuristic novel. It's been fun. I'm not sure that I'll ever finish it, but I continue to go back to it every couple of months and get all enthused all over again. It's kind of a nice break from my typical work, which I tend to think of as chic-lit for married women.

LoryKC said...

Interesting--this is the first time I'm really doing much with first person POV, as well. We'll see!
Good luck with your writing--sounds like you're way ahead of me!

I'm curious to see where I end up, myself! I'm having fun, at least for now!

It does seem to be a nice break to alternate with something completely different! Maybe that is why I'm having fun with this one (though there is not much of it, yet)--it's nothing like what I've been writing.
We'll see!
Good luck with yours!