Friday, February 20, 2009


(Basement issues are not fixed.)

Science projects complete--the Science Fair is tomorrow; birthday treats delivered safely to school today and party scheduled for Sunday; finished reading the Twilight saga; washing machine running; baby sleeping.

Dishes to do and many, many words to write.  Of course, when the hubby gets home, I'll tell him  that I couldn't get anything done.  At least I did get a shower early this morning--that never happens!  (The early part--showers do occur, occasionally!)

Enjoy the weekend!


jocelyn said...

Sorry to hear the basement issues are still not fixed, but it looks like your week ended ok. I hope C has a great birthday party :) Have a great weekend!

LoryKC said...

All ended well indeed, thanks!
The party was great--for C. I am exhausted!!