Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Once upon a time, there lived a writer who loved to procrastinate. No--NO--you have not heard this story already.

This writer--we will just call her The Procastinator--subscribed to Writer's Digest. In one issue, she read an article about how many writers have started blogs and have not only been noticed by book publishers but offered contracts for books. Sometimes these bloggers had manuscripts written and sometimes publishers wanted something with the same substance--and following--they saw in the author's blogs.

The Procrastinator thought about blogging but realized that the subject of her current WIP would not be enthralling blogging material. She waited.

A few weeks later, she learned that one of her good friends had a blog! She read it and was impressed. Again, she considered starting her own but was afraid someone might compare her writing to the friend's--we'll just call him A Better Writer--and waited some more.

Then, one day, The Procrastinator had something to say. It would not fit in The Book she was writing and she had to write it somewhere. So she started her own blog and started posting random thoughts for whomever might stop by her site.

The Procrastinator began exploring the blogosphere, finding more and more entertaining blogs out there to visit and even began leaving comments! Some blogs had clever titles, some had specific themes but most of them gave a glimpse of that blogger's daily life, whatever that might entail.

Recently, a friend that went to highschool with The Procrastinator (we'll call her Very Kind) foundTP's blog. Very Kind said nice, pretty things about the blog. As a mother herself, VK mentioned that she could relate to some of TP's posts about life with kids and said she wished there were columns like this in the newspaper. TP thought she could at least give her a list of other blogs to visit--though she realized that VK might not be so complimentary about TP's after reading some of the great ones out there! (As The Procrastinator began the list, tentatively calling it "Mommy blogs" she did an internet search and found this. TP agrees with this author and the list now has no title!)

In any case, TP is making a list and thereby inviting VK to explore more of the blogosphere, too!

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