Monday, March 13, 2006

They make it look so easy!

The good news is that I can type over 75 words a minute (especially after a few cups of Java)! The frustrating news is that in a very short amount of time, I already have far too many words for a magazine "assignment"/contest submission!

Writer's Digest offers an assignment every month and the winner's entry is published in the magazine a few months later. I don't have delusions of winning but it's good practice, right?

My problem is the word count requirement. The entry has to be 75 words or fewer! I've already deleted parts and I've gotten it down to 98 words but that's not going to cut it!

The deadline is April 10 so I have time to keep cutting.

The link above is for last month's assignment. If you want to try this with me, let me know! I can email "Assignment #195" to you or post it here!

Update--there IS a reason to exercise regularly! (OK, I know the reasons but I'm always looking for motivation!)
Sitting here, staring at the screen did not help me delete another word. However, after about 10 minutes on the treadmill, I thought of a way to write the same idea in about 30 words!!! I don't know if it was endorphins or the 80s music but I'll take it! (Now if I could just make myself get on that thing every day, who knows what I could come up with?) ;)

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