Friday, March 10, 2006

Step on a crack, break your mother's back...

Her interest in Brownies has been waning and even when she wants to go, she rarely wants to wear her vest. Consequently, I have not felt too guilty about falling behind on sewing all of her patches on to it. However, I promised I'd have them all on in time for her to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's tomorrow. Yes, I only have one and half left to go. I love my daughter but sewing is not exactly something that I enjoy. It makes me want another glass of wine but then threading the needle gets trickier.

She just received another patch last Saturday so she wanted that one on first. She watched as I sewed, talking about the week as I continually pricked my finger, trying not to bleed directly onto the vest. (Thank goodness it's already brown (aka the color of dried blood). The person who designed the uniforms for the girls just beginning Girl Scouts was kind enough to realize that plenty of moms were beginning, too!)

Remember the sash that R was wearing at piano lessons on Thursday?

Ouch. Yes.

Was that hers or her mom's?

It was her mom's old uniform. Ouch. She wore it Thursday because she was doing a report on Juliette Low for school.


(Oh my, we do have work to catch up on, don't we?!) I explain who she was but N is quick to get back to talking about the uniform.

Mom? Do you remember how many patches that sash had?

Quite a few! OW!!! I didn't count but her mother must have been a busy Girl Scout! Oowwww!

Do you think if I stay in Brownies and do some extra stuff, I could earn that many patches?

Sure, Sweetheart. You can--OW--do anything you put your mind to!

I'm gonna look at my Try-It book now and see what else I can do!

That's the spirit! Ouch! Why don't you do that?


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