Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He is lucky but not charmed

C has been asking for the "Cocoa Puffs" he sees on TV. You've seen the commercials--processed chocolate sugary cereal is part of a balanced breakfast. (As long as the child has milk, juice, toast, maybe some eggs and a few of those chocolate puffs for dessert, that is!)

So he's been asking. We see it in the store. It's been a good day and he's behaved well so I'm considering giving in. I pick up the box. Then we see the other box...Chocolate Lucky Charms!

Yes, I am an idiot who obviously has no concern for her children's health. (This is obvious as my kids are already well familiar with regular Lucky Charms and now we're sampling chocolate Lucky Charms. The original cereal just didn't pack an entire week's worth of sugar into each bowl so we've got to try harder).

I hand him the box and he's excited! Of course, his interest is more in a particular marshmallow than the flavor of the surrounding cereal. He asks me to read the descriptions of each marshmallow on the side of the box as we stroll the supermarket aisle. When I read that the moon was "invisibility," that's all he needs. For the next twenty minutes, he repeats, "I've always wanted to be invisible."

He's snacking now and is quite disappointed that he can still see himself. I tried pretending I could not see him--looked right through him--but he looked down, saw his shirt and was not going to play along. These don't work!

Well, not yet anyway. I'm sure that in a few minutes, when the sugar is coursing through his system, he will be able to pick up enough speed to be just a blur or possibly move fast enough that I won't be able to see him!

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