Sunday, March 05, 2006

In the name of research

I've struggled with nailing down an exact year for my WIP to begin. I've played with a few different time frames where the characters could still do what they wanted to do but currently, it's beginning somewhere around 1915-1920.

Along with writing, some of my other interests are history and procrastination so research fits in quite nicely! ;)

Thinking about the time frame and my female main character yesterday, it occured to me that I could work in something about the 19th amendment (in which women in the U.S. finally gained the right to vote). With that in mind, I was off to the library! To my dismay as a reader, there were not many titles available on the subject but that's probably good for the progress of the book! During my search, I did find a small gem. (Size doesn't matter!) It's only 55 pages and much of those are photographs but it discusses the American Women's League and the Women's Republic--both of which I had never heard of. Even more fun, it shows photos of the "chapter houses" and right there, on page 29 is a photo of a building that I pass every weekday on the way to and from school! I had seen the embossed "Women's Club" on the facade of the building (which is now an attorney's office) but had no idea what the history was behind it.

I love stuff like this! I am only going to read one more page and then go back to writing!

What? Stalling? ME?!?!

Yeah, I know...

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