Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still tweaking...

I have not forgotten about the "short" entry. I have not refrained from sharing it because it's too good and I think you will steal it. I have not held back because I think it is horrible. It is somewhere in the middle and I think--I hope--I can do better than that.

I know, first I complained because the assignment was for no more than 75 words and I had 98.

Then I was thrilled when I had only 30!

Later, I thought--if I CAN submit 75--WHY would I send only 30?

(I am rolling my eyes here, too!)

I have another version that is currently 66 words. That is not good enough simply because I don't like the number 66.

It's a good thing the deadline is April 10. Or perhaps not. I'll let you know.

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