Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It happens

C has finished dinner and is sitting on the couch. N is finishing dessert (2nd helping of that, too) so I'm not sitting at the table with her anymore but getting the bath ready for C. I come back in through the living room, complaining about having to step over the lightsabers and telling them to be more careful about picking up food when it's dropped as I have found something all the way in the middle of the livingroom.

What is it, they both want to know.

I don't know but it shouldn't be out here. We've got to clean up a little better around here!

It looks like poop!

I roll my eyes. Please don't say that, especially while you're eating!

Hey, C! Mommy picked up poop! My eyes stop rolling and start glaring. N looks down. Sorry. She's trying not to laugh. But then, what is it?

In the meantime, C is rolling on the couch. Mommy picked up poop! Bwahaahaa!

I'm on my way to the trash but N still wants to know. They've had cookie-dough ice cream, cookies yesterday, we were outside earlier so it could be could be anything.

I sniff.


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